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  1. Hey Zach thanks for the reply. I’m not quite sure I understand the source of the problem though. Please bare with me as I am trying to learn js, THREE.js , and gsap all at once. The way I think the code works is I’ve created 25 objects and then put them all into one container. I am animating (¿tweening?) each iteration with the first two `.to` statements and the last `.to` is animating the container. The animation doesn’t repeat again until the reverse animation is complete which logically would be exactly the same position it started. I can’t seem to grasp how the 25 objects starts
  2. Hello all. I am becoming familiar with gsap and have a couple questions. In the attached Codepen I have a timeline created but when it yoyo’s back to the start the geometry seems to be slightly rotated. What can I do to fix this? Also is creating an Object3D and animating that the best way to achieve the effect where the circle spins? Could I do this without adding the geometries to the object? Would it make any difference? thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guys. I think I’ll try it out since it does do all of the stuff js would do anyways. It seems to have some benefits and so far hasn’t been overly complicated.
  4. Hello all. I am curious if this tool would be good for me. First off my background in html/css started in April this year. Over the last two weeks I have started to learn js but specifically THREE.js as I enjoy 3D animation. I have never done it before but got hooked with doing css animations. I only picked this up as a hobby, my line of work has nothing to do with the internet. I have read many good reviews on gsap and have seen some amazing Codepens. I guess what I would like recommendations on is whether or not I should stick with the native THREE.js animation functions