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  1. oh thats ideal - thanks. It says it slows to 2fps... assuming running at 1x, whats the standard fps for GSAP?
  2. Is there a way I can control if an animation pauses when tab isn't active? Ideally I'd like it to run in the background
  3. Interesting - i had no idea - thank you!!
  4. Hi, I have been successfully playing audio on timeline complete in this pen until today. Something seem to have changed - console errors shown below are saying the play function is failing because there has been no document interaction. Anyone have any ideas? I've always had these animations play automatically on page load so I have no idea what this is looking for
  5. Im removing my question - was being an idiot
  6. So my new questions is are there any gotchas with onComplete? I just added it with a simple function call to set a state variable in react. It cause my entire animation (and the rest of the page to stop rendering... Working on a very complex component so won't be easy to strip out - but any general things to be wary of when implementing? It seems to be causing too many re-renders then react errors to stop an infinite loop
  7. Sorted this using the onComplete callback on the master timeline
  8. Hi, Is there any event fired, of method I can call to signify a timeline has ended? I'm using a global timeline with many appended children and I need to know when it all ends (it's variable in length) so that I can conditionally render a few other bits. Feel like gsap is well set up enough to have this covered...
  9. Hi, I've spent a lot of time building many animations in a project and would like to run them at 2x in my production app. I've been suing dev tools up until now but obviously won't in prod. Wondering if I need to go through and half all timings, or if there is a setting I can use which will allow me to set the timeline play speed somewhere in my code - feels like it would be much easier! Cheers!
  10. PG1

    Jump Effect Example

    Thats great thankyou!
  11. PG1

    Jump Effect Example

    Thanks for this - any idea of the correct codepen imports for it? The ones in the example pens dont seem to work. More broadly is there a decent cheat sheet for the imports across the board?
  12. Thanks that's awesome - whats the theory there - if i wasn't adding them as functions then how were the animations even being triggered?
  13. As you can see in the en, I am using a generate() function to generate a timeline by appending two other timelines to it. My aim is to start passing in custom delays but that is proving complicated. I've stripped the problem back to this: I now have a single timeline to which I append two others. In my head this means that they should run sequentially - the spinning of the right hand square followed by the moving of the left hand square, as that is the order the are appended in. But they do not. The spin initiates first, but the move happens around the middle of the spinning animation. Why are they crossing over? From there I hope I can build out my other parts.
  14. I'm working on timings in my timeline. Struggling a little. I've seen pens where people have created a visual showing overlap on each tween - is this functionality built in somewhere? If so that would be great, if not any tips on logging out useful info to the console? I'm trying to time different effects overlapping and finding it hard even though I know the code (at least I think I do!!)