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  1. Hey, thanks a lot! And I totally understand what you're doing there - not blaming whatsoever, just pointed out my *strange* use case and the fact I couldn't find any real solution around. I don't know GSAP Engine good enough just yet to be able to provide such plugins as you did. Thank you again! Going back to GSAPing!
  2. Hey! I recently switched from Tween.JS to GSAP, and I'm trying to tween a number with potentially large number of decimal places. I wrote a small library that finds-on-screen and auto-tweens those numbers, so I do not have a *predefined* number of decimals - but as they're cryptocurrency prices, those can be 4, 6, 8 or 9 - usually. I noticed that both TweenMax and TweenLite do only 4 decimals, which is quite weird. Looking around the web (and this forum) I cannot find a solution/parameter/switch how to alter this behavior. Any advice? import gsap from 'gsap'; import { Twee