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  1. Hello everyone, Codesandbox Code: https://codesandbox.io/s/romantic-snow-gfq88?file=/src/index.js Codesandbox Full Page preview: https://gfq88.csb.app/ (Can't reproduce on codepen, as it is a fixed height iframe...) I would like to make a background element to be pinned through the content. But using iOS and a 100vh height, I have this problem: First screen: While scrolling and having the navigation UI bar closed, the element is not full height Second screen: same problem, even after reaching the trigger element end Third screen: everything is fine if the navigation UI bar is open. Edit: On the first screen, the problem of the "not full height" seems to occurs only cause of the "in-app" Telegram browser. On safari, it is real full height using 100vh. Feel free to ask me any question if its not clear enough for you Thanks for your help !