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  1. Hi, I've posted in the forum for some help to create an animation similar to this one (on the hero): https://happyegg.com/ But we are also looking for someone capable of combine multiple interactive animations in a single page, the site will use an animation like this one on the hero, a carousel with a motion path animation and some other interactions. Waiting to hear from you! thanks.
  2. Hi, a client has requested this hero animation for their site: https://happyegg.com/ I've managed to create an animated svg with a timeline animation that modifies the paths of the "blob" discovering the video and showing diferent contents with a mask... but I've spent more than an entire day, trying to morph the paths according to mouse movements (with velocity / inertia / proximity parameters). I see that the reference site uses lots of gsap scripts, but couldn't manage to discover how it's made. thanks!