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  1. @mikel Mikel = Микель или (or) Михаил (Michael)
  2. @Микель @акапов Thank you very much, guys! I will try both
  3. friends, sorry, I'm not confused much. I want the red block to be fixed to the end of the "filter__wrapper" block. Black squares are my projects, they will increase in volume. And the red block should always follow until the end of... What am I doing wrong?
  4. @mikel @akapowl Super, guys! You have helped me a lot!😘
  5. Hello friends! I am trying to repeat the effect of disappearance of the menu in scrolling. As it is done here: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/24688-problems-creating-sticky-nav/ I don't want the menu color to be displayed right away, like here: https://codepen.io/linkslegend/pen/vYLpgGY but I can't repeat it Who can tell you how to implement the effect correctly?
  6. Yes, you are absolutely right. Thank you I will now revise the video again ❤️
  7. I prefer that it is impossible. The essence of this effect is that when you point at the 1st block you influence the motion of the 2nd element, which is inside. If you only set the animation to text, it will work very crookedly. This effect needs space, about 100x100 px - 150x150px, etc.
  8. hello GSAP! I need help from the world's best library again <3. So, I try to recreate the image parallax effect from rezo-zero. Yes, I've seen the posts on the forum, but please don't send me there I've already viewed them. Please take a look at my demonstration, I almost achieved the desired result. The only thing I can't understand is how to make the effect very similar to these examples: 1. https://www.rezo-zero.com/projects/ 2. https://cuberto.com/about/ what needs to be corrected? That is, I want the parallax effect to be not only from below but also from above. As in the case of cuberto or rezo.
  9. Got it. I will try, thank you!
  10. I went the other way. I created a function for my animation and initialized it in afterEnter and everything works.... I wonder if this is the right way? or is there a shorter way? what do you think?
  11. thank you for the answer. But unfortunately in your demo version, there is no barba shell. I thought I did the right thing. I have been reading the barba js forum for a long time and I understand how it works. I saw that I had to delete the scripts and initialize them, that's what I did with smoothScrollbar. In my version I re-run smoothScrollbar when I go from one page to another. And I thought to do it by analogy with scrollTrigger.... maybe I did not initialize it correctly. It's just strange, I couldn't find the code to reinitialize on the official barba.js website in the documentation... I'll look more closely
  12. Hi, everyone! I am new to gsap. I am trying to get my scrollTrigger animation to work with gsap. Take a look at my demo: https://codepen.io/Ollymolly/project/editor/AOxzmn I have everything working fine except one. As you will see in the code, I am trying to put a scale animation on the headline. I put it all right, but nothing works. And I got the idea that I didn't connect scrollProxy correctly. Any ideas how to fix it? I have a great barba js with smoothScroll. But somehow scrollTrigger.... does not work with them.