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  1. Hey... I can't create a demo for this problem cause in my local version every things are fine but in my online version gallery section messed up when I scroll from the top of the site this problem will happened ( image ) but when I refresh page or resize page everything gets fine again . this is the cod of the section that don't do the job // some pic window.addEventListener('load', function() { ScrollTrigger.saveStyles("#somePic,#imgMain "); const somePic = document.querySelector('#somePic'); const imgmain = somePic.querySelector
  2. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    Thank You Dear @mikel your answers are very helpful
  3. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    hey @mikel I'm very glad that you spend your time for this issue I update your cod to something like this onUpdate: self => { if (self.direction > 0 ) { console.log("velocity: "+ self.getVelocity()); let velo = self.getVelocity(); let speed = velo*0.01; if (speed > 4){ speed = 4; } else if (speed < 1 ){ speed = 1 } console.log("speed: "+ speed); action.timeScale(speed) } } that try to move slider when scroll dow
  4. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    thank you @mikel for your solution can you help me with this problem?? Im looking for a way to mix this slider with scroll trigger when we scroll down slider move faster i have try to do something like this but its not working and obviously its wrong.. can you help me how to use scroll trigger here with auto play slider .to(no01, {x: dirFromRight, modifiers: { x: x => mod(parseFloat(x)) + "px", }, duration:time, ease:'none', repeat:-1, scrollTrigger:{ trigger:'.landing-wrapper', start:'top top', end:'bottom cente
  5. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    hey @mikel thanks for your clear example but is there any way to use some stager before slider make move? I used this cod before but with position: absolute its not working var tl = gsap.timeline(); tl.fromTo(".box",{x:1900,y:-400},{duration:1.5,x:0,stagger:0.1}) .staggerTo(".box",1.5,{y:0} ,0.2,"-=0.4")
  6. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    I cant find how to do that ... But thanks for your help
  7. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    hey @ZachSaucier thank you for your advice I update my code to Gsap3 but my problem is I don't want to use position absolute in my box but all the example in that topic are using position absolute can you help me about this issue? https://codepen.io/perada/pen/pobzVze
  8. pOri_A

    Looping Slider

    hey guys I have a problem with my slider I want to create a looping slider but as you see in codepen it is not working thank you and sorry for my low level Problem