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  1. Hallo Greensocks, Happy holidays to you all Is there anyway to achieve the same img parallax effect from locomotive-scroll to scrolltrigger? I honestly don't like scroll jacking with the locomotive-scroll library, it's causing many problems. https://roelle-tolen.netlify.app/ thanks in advance Sam
  2. Alright, thanks. I'll check it out. Looking forward to this.
  3. Thanks osublake could you please recommend some sources and courses where I could grasp and learn more about Gsap, I honestly feel like a noob everytime I have to ask for to solve a simple problem. thanks again
  4. if you scroll down the page you would see there's this slider. for parallax effect i'm using locomotive scroll. so thanks for the suggestion
  5. Hi Gsap team, I would like to create the slider that is on this page https://env.studio/ could you please point me in the right direction or give me clue on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance Sam
  6. Thank you Zach for your fast reply. you guys always reply fast. that's why I love Gsap. one always gets help when stuck. I'll try out the pen posted here and will be back for more. good day to you all.
  7. Hi people of gsap, how are you doing ? and hope your'e all doing well. Could you please tell me how can I animate elements to float like in this following video i'm including? https://streamable.com/xtrebp would be greatly appreciated. if you could just leave me the pen in the comments . or give me some ideas Thanks in advance Samsky
  8. Thank you Mikel this helps. good day to you!
  9. Thank you. Honestly i'm very overwhelmed. I don't what to focus on anymore. there's too much to learn at the same time work has to be done on the side. it's just too much information. thanks for the advice!
  10. Hi everyone, I have spent 2 hours on this menu trying to make it dropdown from the top blue border, instead of sliding out of the left. could you plz help me achieve this? Thanks in advance
  11. The smooth scrolling is working fine. for example if i'm using parallax to animate an element or horizontally animate it, it ain't working on mobile. I'm not aware of the mobile option. Could you plz post an example ?
  12. Hi Zack sorry I have another question, After I finished working on this same project that is both using scrollTrigger and Locomotive-scroll, Locomotive doesn't animate anything on mobile devices, is there a solution with scrollTrigger instead? As you will see in my pen that I integrated both libraries as suggest by green sock. I know this is a locomotive-scroll issue but maybe you know anyone who had the same problem ?
  13. Smooth works well, Thank you Zach. Oh and greetings to Jack
  14. Hi Gsap, I hope you're doing well. I'm trying to make this section scroll slower just as locomotive scroll does. to control the scrolling speed I mean. I have tried few things like ease or duration,. Yeah i'm a total noob I know, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Samsky Still learning Vanilla js total newbie.
  15. Samsky

    Horizontal scroll

    omg I'm so stupid hah I just read the doc. I know which plugins I need. Thanks !