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  1. Trying to help, maybe this help, instead adding 1 by 1 class, you can just adding same class to each footprint. https://codepen.io/reksaandhika/pen/VwdNGLg
  2. Hey Jack @GreenSock I can confirm beta is solved the issue, but I'm only do simple test, like trying to reload browser continuously but it is have difference than previous release and it looks great!
  3. Okay will test it and let you know about it. Well that also scare me to use lazy: false, because most of my website using PJAX, so the transition animation and entering page will affected and lagging (but maybe I can add delay on enter page to let gsap do the job first, but ofc fast load need to be sacrifice).
  4. @GreenSock Sorry can't help to test the beta (because I have no idea to test it on ES6 project with import method). But I can confirm set lazy: false to my tweens make the issue solved, but I'm afraid about the performance for disable this to all my tweens. If you confident the beta solved this issue, please make it live ❤ I would happy to update my gsap version for my production ready project.
  5. Hey, I think I have same issue, after I updating the GSAP >3.11.0 version, so currently I stay on GSAP 3.10.4 version to avoid random flash/glitch that ruins smooth experience animation
  6. I see now, it's not good for flexibility and it can cause bloating code, thank you for your explanation!
  7. Hmm make sense, What I mean, when pauseWait() called, it's like regular pause, but waiting for next tween to complete then pause is trigger, it's like using Promise. Calculating by current duration, like first solution you did. After current tween complete / on next tween. or maybe the function name can be called timeline.pauseNext() 😅 Anyway second solution is more awesome, especially when I have dynamic duration each animation.
  8. Thank you @GreenSock Solution trickier than I thought! I hope there's function for this maybe called like timeline.pauseWait()
  9. Hi, Sorry can't help you specific, but you can find some source code on https://tympanus.net/ Animation and layout like your reference mostly can be found there, and they mostly using GSAP.
  10. Hi, long time no ask in this forum, I hope forum still active helping people. So I have TextPlugin animation, and I want to start animation on hover, and pause on leave. Problem is, when I try to out hover, the text is paused immediately and make my text looks weird (not readable). Meanwhile I want to wait the tween/gsap to finish current step first (until text complete to composed), then do pause.
  11. Hi @TaiwoJazz I have test it, and example demo still working, maybe you need to check on wider Codepen demo, because Locomotive Scroll not initiate to small screen. You can check here: fullscreen codepen demo (sorry no hyperlink, becuase gsap will detect codepen link and embed it) https://codepen.io/GreenSock/full/zYrELYe
  12. Do you mean parallax effect something like this? https://codepen.io/reksaandhika/pen/PoaegQZ?editors=0010
  13. No problem, you can check my example here https://codepen.io/reksaandhika/pen/gOzmeyv
  14. Hi @futuris, Lenis run in native browser scroll for smooth scrolling, so there will be no issue using ScrollTrigger as combo, I have tested it with trigger, pin, scrub, everything works fine.
  15. Oh my god, you are real life saver @akapowl, im wasting so much time figure it out, thank you so much i'm happy asking on this forum 🥰