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  1. Thank you for your immediate response in detail!! probably I grabbed why the tail of strokes are peeking out. that was so beneficial to solve the problem. and for now, I decided to deal with it by adding the opacity change 0 to 1 before each "stroke-dashoffset" changing, but I would consider to get DrawSVGPlugin when I would have needed more complex manipulation with my SVG animation. thanks again!
  2. Hi, everyone. I have a question about line animation. in advance, I'm beginner of the GSAP and even not familiar to write English, so I'm sorry if my question doesn't make sense. the problem now I have happens when I restart the SVG line animation from the "redrawing" button. as you see, somehow a part like dots of each lines are remaining from the beginning. although when refreshing a browser or using Run button, it perfectly works. would anyone tell me how to avoid it and why the dots appear in this case? Thanks in advance!