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  1. @OSUblake Thank's very much Mr , that's what i want to do , @Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Yah i will reference it thank you so much!
  2. Oh that's very nice example , but i mean i want to load an existing animation from blender on scroll , like i want to man run on scroll , i wish i can explain
  3. Hi , have a nice day any one know how we can play gltf animation with scroll use scroll trigger ??
  4. Hello Mr ,can we use this function for any canvas ? i try to add to my canvas in this demo but the scroller disappear https://codepen.io/leen-alfalah/pen/MWbdNXg
  5. Hi , when i try to repeat rotate or animation and add yoyo for smooth repeat , the animation reverse ho i can make it continuous ? thank you so much
  6. Hey , thank you so i can't draw the yellow thing instead of strock ?
  7. Hi , i try to use draw svg plugin but not work , any help?
  8. I am sorry , but i have bad English , what i want to do is add some parallax effect and smooth scroll , i mean , i try to set box movement is faster than camera movement like you can saw in my codepen demo , how i can make the parallax effect better, and the scroll smoother ?
  9. i add some different duration between camera and box any advice to improve that ?
  10. Hello , i try to add some parallax effect between camera and cube , like make the cube faster than camera any tips ?, then how i can make scroll smooth ?
  11. Hello , i try to change light intensity on scroll with some fade using scroll trigger ``` gsap.to(nightShadowLight.intensity, { intensity:0, scrollTrigger: { trigger: renderer.domElement, start: 'top top', end: '+=500%', pin: true, scrub: true }, onUpdate: function () { }, }) ```
  12. @Rodrigo Hi, yes ,but i want to move both together https://codepen.io/leen-alfalah/pen/xxgRxgW like this , camera move first then sphere not both