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  1. Uh oh looks like I spoke too soon. I have the centering working properly but initially the LiquidAreas are not resizing. My background and header are showing at the 1024 widths. They don't update until the browser is re-sized. I tried adding .update calls but that didn't do the trick. Am I missing something?
  2. Socks off to you Jack! That did the trick. Thank you very much for the swift responses. I do have to say that it was a little confusing and kinda tough for me to actually hard code a value when pretty much everything I build is so dynamic. I'm not used to that kind of technique but it made perfect sense when you pointed it out. I would need to place things based on the actual size of the stage not the size of what the stage might be. The Sock comes through again!
  3. I'm definitely publishing to FP10 and I completely understand the blind troubleshooting. The stage.align is being set beforehand through our framework. As for creating a sample fla that would be kinda tough since I have multiple .swfs loading in. I can share the code and a link to a test location : This is the function that gets called before we initialize the actual main swf. So basically it sets up "The Sock Magic" public function preinitialize():void { // TweenMax stuff TweenPlugin.activate( [ AutoAlphaPlugin, TintPlugin, RemoveTintPlugin, FrameLabelPlugin, FramePlugin, ColorTransformPlugin, ColorMatrixFilterPlugin, EndArrayPlugin, TransformAroundPointPlugin, ShortRotationPlugin ] ); //Positioning this._positionContainers(); this._createLiquidStage(); } then I call the containers and set their initial position private function _positionContainers( $event:Event=null ):void { Bedrock.logger.debug( "STAGE WIDTH : " + this.stage.stageWidth + " AND STAGE HEIGHT : " + this.stage.stageHeight ); var mcPreloaderContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "preloader" ); mcPreloaderContainer.x = ( this.stage.stageWidth / 2 ); mcPreloaderContainer.y = ( this.stage.stageHeight / 2 ); var mcContentContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "content" ); mcContentContainer.x = ( this.stage.stageWidth / 2 ); mcContentContainer.y = ( this.stage.stageHeight / 2 ); var mcFooterContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "footer" ); mcFooterContainer.y = this.stage.stageHeight; var mcFooterContentContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "footerContent" ); mcFooterContentContainer.y = this.stage.stageHeight; var mcNavigationContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "navigation" ); mcNavigationContainer.y = 0; var mcHeaderContainer = Bedrock.api.getContainer( "header" ); mcHeaderContainer.y = 0; } Then the LiquidStage gets built out private function _createLiquidStage():void { this._objLiquidStage = new LiquidStage( this.stage, 1024, 768, 1024, 768 ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "preloader" ), this._objLiquidStage.CENTER ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "content" ), this._objLiquidStage.CENTER ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "footer" ), this._objLiquidStage.BOTTOM_LEFT ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "footerContent" ), this._objLiquidStage.BOTTOM_CENTER ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "navigation" ), this._objLiquidStage.TOP_CENTER ); this._objLiquidStage.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "header" ), this._objLiquidStage.TOP_LEFT ); var objLiquidBackgroundArea:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea( this, 0, 0, 1024, 768, 0x313f19, 1024, 768 ); objLiquidBackgroundArea.preview = false; objLiquidBackgroundArea.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "background" ), { scaleMode:ScaleMode.PROPORTIONAL_OUTSIDE } ); var objLiquidHeaderArea:LiquidArea = new LiquidArea( this, 0, 0, 1024, 135, 0x313f19, 1024, 135 ); objLiquidHeaderArea.preview = false; objLiquidHeaderArea.attach( Bedrock.api.getContainer( "header" ), { scaleMode:ScaleMode.WIDTH_ONLY, vAlign:AlignMode.TOP}); } Again this works all fine and dandy in the IDE and when run locally in FP. I have a location where I have been testing but I would prefer to keep the location off the books if you will. What would be the best way to get you that info?
  4. So I have a multi-swf site using LiquidStage / LiquidArea to handle the positioning and everything works perfectly in the IDE or when I run the swf by it's self. If I run my html or open the swf in a browser almost all of my contents get shifted over and doesn't align/resize correctly. I'm kinda at a loss as to why this is happening when it hits the browser. My embed is: I currently have FP11 installed but this site is built for FP10, could that be an issue? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.