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  1. Thanks for these corrections Zach. I've got it working with your CodeSandbox, had to do the following on my local machine (for anyone looking to try out this cool feature): Explicitly uninstall gsap and reinstall via "npm install ./gsap-beta.tgz", this made the console errors disappear about property flip not existing on type gsap , although I still get the errors in my terminal while compiling. I guess TypeScript still can't find a reference to the types file? Save a reference to this! Today I learned 😄 Thanks again for your very fast responses!
  2. I've created this small CodeSandbox, I think I've got it to load gsap-beta.tgz . If you let the compiler run it will give the error I mentioned earlier. https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-flip-angular-00ndb Greets !
  3. Hi Zach or Jack, I've tried to replicate the issue in CodePen but I'm I couldn't get Angular to work properly on there. I've made a StackBlitz with Angular running on the latest version but I can only import GSAP 3.5.1 via NPM.. Posting it below for reference how I'm trying to get it to work: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-gsap-flip?file=src/app/app.component.ts To maybe further help the debugging, when I hover over the import and compare it to Draggable plugin it clearly shows it can't find the Flip module, although it does get exported from the flip.d.ts file:
  4. I can see the type file in the new version but it still gives the error: src/app/services/gsap.service.ts:93:12 - error TS2339: Property 'flip' does not exist on type 'typeof gsap'. Importing gsap like this: import { gsap } from 'gsap'; I was looking at the gsap.core.d.ts file, maybe Flip needs to be added to RegisterablePlugins? I tried a bit here and there but no success
  5. Thanks! I'm using Angular/TypeScript, do I need extra steps to expose Flip from the gsap library? I can see the Flip.js files in node_modules but can't call gsap.flip() in my .ts files, as there's no type declaration file for Flip.
  6. Thanks for the very clean example! I've dug through your fork and it makes a lot of sense. Is a beta available to use in dev environment? (via NPM for example) Can't seem to find the link to this CodePen! Looking forward to further exploring what GSAP has to offer
  7. Hi! I stumbled across GreenSock a few days ago and have been having some fun using the animations. I was looking for a solution for a cool animation while filtering cards inside a flexbox container. I want the cards to appear/disappear and the cards that remain to animate to their positions, all at the same time. After some digging on the forum I came across the flip technique to record old and new positions right before/after the filtering is done. I like the outcome so far but there are a few cases where I've been stuck on why the cards still jump to their new po