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  1. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot, now it works perfectly!
  2. Thanks for the fast reply! Sorry that my explaination wasn't good. I try to explain the scrollanimation. I have 3 elements, a,b and c. Element a is moving in x direction. When it reaches 50% of the way, element b should rotate, during element a is moving. Without a pause or something like this. After elemnt a reaches its ending position, element c will change its color. I have made it a scrub animation, so delay don't work. Here is a codepen with a simple example what I did: https://codepen.io/JonaAnders/pen/rNerRYY
  3. I have build an scroll animation with a timeline and scrub, and I want to control it, with adding pause to it and with running multiple things at the same time. How can I do this?