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  1. In the pen the height of the header is updated on scroll, but the value for end stays the same.(I coloured the header so you can see it better that the end value is not at the bottom of the header after it changed height). How can I update the end value constatly so this does not happen? (I hope you can understand what I mean)
  2. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot, now it works perfectly!
  3. Thanks for the fast reply! Sorry that my explaination wasn't good. I try to explain the scrollanimation. I have 3 elements, a,b and c. Element a is moving in x direction. When it reaches 50% of the way, element b should rotate, during element a is moving. Without a pause or something like this. After elemnt a reaches its ending position, element c will change its color. I have made it a scrub animation, so delay don't work. Here is a codepen with a simple example what I did: https://codepen.io/JonaAnders/pen/rNerRYY
  4. I have build an scroll animation with a timeline and scrub, and I want to control it, with adding pause to it and with running multiple things at the same time. How can I do this?