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  1. here`s how it looks like. 1 sections scrolling normally 2 sections swaps 3 white section reveals picture
  2. Yes, it works great without manually setting position: relative to pinned elements. As I said, my methods are pretty non-standart. My solution helps me to simulate powerPoint slideshow and standart scrolling. Your lib. build solves the problem, here is 2 screenshots with z-index and without. Shot-1 (after upd) Section pointed with blue marker is translateY(-720) (green underline leads you to that value) So for users view this section have pretty same Y as browser-higlighted section (currently on the screen). That current section should reveal us next section, so its z-index should be
  3. What`s up, GSAP! I`ve briefly looked through docs to find any mention of the same issue, but seems like i need to ask it here. It looks like pin-spacer (wrapper of pinning element) doesn`t copy exact same CSS styles from pinning element. First of all I`m interested in z-index, as I`m developing complex sections` behaviour with revealing, pinning, swapping and covering sections. And missing of z-index in pin-spacer breaks some of my hacks. Currently, I`m using 3.6.0 you guys gave me a month ago to solve other issues. But it looks like previous versions doesn`t clone z-index as well.
  4. I`m sorry, if you found it impolite 😅 I`m 100% sure you are doing your best! Thanks for your time, great lib, awesome plugin Yep, I got 1440p and Windows setting for 125% text and apps scale. And guess what happened when I set it to 100% ? It works perfect even at 3.5.1. I can barely imagine how did u manage to found this out. Thanks again!
  5. Also, Have you any idea why it affects only me, and may be literally a couple of persons in the world? Do you got any open schedule or roadmap for releases? I`d like to get new version via npm. It`s OK to use min.js file, but ofc npm is more suitable
  6. @GreenSock WOW! Thanks for your attention to my question! Yep, I`ve just checked one of documentation demos and noticed they got now 3.6.0 and everything works fine for me. Sorry for inactivity and delayed answer
  7. Exactly! I published it online. Tested on android, my laptop and my PC. only PC got that issue.
  8. Sorry, I didn`t think that you need any special demo unless that one in the documentation. UPD: It works fine after update to 3.6.0 https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/YzygYvM Here is the video how this demo works: I also understand that my case (and probably akapowl`s) is full of mistery. And i have no idea how to debug or even reproduce it. All i can do is give you full information of my system. Or even a some kind of teamviewer, so you can take a look how your demo performs at my PC. Everything I know for now - 3.4.2 has no any difficulties with snapping. but 3.51 does.
  9. Yep. just downgraded to 3.4.2, and snapping is smooth as it should be. Gonna use it for a while. Until the latest version will handle my problem. Any possible disadvantages?
  10. Wussup, GSAP! I`m experiencing some issues with snapping. My snap performs very laggy fo no reson. Here is my ST code: Here is an example of this snap performing at chrome mobile- And this is how it performs on my desktop (Yet another Russian local browser (chromium)). I have the same experience on different browsers including Chrome itself.- I`d like to say that my code is buggy, but all actual codeOpen demo examples of ScrollTrigger`s snap (from docs) are laggy on my desktop too. I briefly looked for latest snap related topics and
  11. Haha! Ok, I`ll leave it to you) Big thanks for your attention. I also hugely respect all admins & moderators of this forum for their time, patience and supportive participation in newbies problems. And of course dev team! I haven`t feel more happy about animation tools since the day I discovered Macromedia Flash about a decade ago.
  12. Oh! Now I get it. IMO, ScrollTrigger main docs page is not paying enough attention to refreshInit and ...wow onRefreshInit is currently in ScrollTrigger`s sourcecode, but there is no any mention at main docs page (i mean Usage & special properties section)
  13. Thanks for paying attention to my question and developing demo solution! That`s what I was getting to dig in after all. But I was wondering if it is the only possible way and if scrollTrigger was designed exactly like that. May be because of awesomeness of GSAP + ScrollTrigger I expected some extra magic automatisation from them. Anyway, I think that solution fits me well, as you showed me an elegant way to solve my problem. Thanks again! As for your question: I`m not 100% sure I really need position: absolute here. But my goal is to develop container with various types of sect
  14. SORRY! Accidentally sent unfinished topic+question. It`s updated now
  15. Wassup, GSAP! My goal is to build a dynamic sections container, which should be adaptive. Some of the sections should have height: 100vh; While I resizing my viewport`s height (perfectly repeats at codeOpen (especially when resizing fast)) my sections are resizing too. While all of my section are position: absolute; (for other section animation types) I have to set their top: property manually via gsap.set({ }) I also noticed that scrollTrigger refreshes a while longer than window.onresize, and i have to handle resize by scrollTrigger`s onRefresh It works perfect, until I pin on