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  1. Thanks for your reply @akapowl and @mikel . The duration which is mention in above reply @akapowl is working as per my need. Thank you so much
  2. Hi @mikel , Thank you for your kind reply, I need to change the position of camera in threejs. For that I am using gsap.to() function. It is working, but I felt that the speed is little much faster. So, to control that, I need help. From above answer I tested the timeScale within the gsap.to() function. But it shows an warning like, Invalid property timeScale set to 0.5 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin(). How to achieve this.
  3. I am using gsap to change the position of camera in threejs . I need to control the speed of gsap.to() . Below is my code for changing the position gsap.to( camera.position, { duration: 1, y: 5, } ); Now I need to control the movement speed of it. How to do that. Thanks in advance.