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  1. _youri

    flip image

    Ok, I've understood, fine ! Thank you for the fix and quick response!
  2. _youri

    flip image

    Thanks a lot, it works almost perfectly. I use gsap 3.3.3. I've got the feeling that this tilt 3d only works on two sides of my image : left and top. Have a look... http://piecesdetheatre.free.fr/tests/GSAP/testsite2_GSAP.html
  3. _youri

    flip image

    Hi, I've found this Pen on the forum. And I wonder how to modify the code to flip the image "only" when pointer is over the image ? Actually I'd like to apply this flip effect on 2 images independently. I mean eachone can be flipped. https://codepen.io/emanuelbaran/pen/PPOdmw Thank you !
  4. Yes Zach, I will read your code step by step. I'm not very familiar with Loop, but I'll try to figure it out. I made a new animation ! https://codepen.io/_youri/pen/XWKdGMq
  5. Ok I explain myself, each time I scroll I want to see the image and the text corresponding (same line) displayed at the same time. The more I scroll, and the more I see image+text gathered in the center of the screen. I hope you see what I've got in mind ? And between each group (image+text) they might be an .empty div of 400px height to separate each line. Here .boxleft2 translate after .boxright2 .. Am I clear ?
  6. Well, for animating 2 lines, with both divs on scrolling, I've created a new Pen but it seems very clumsy !!! It looks catastrophic https://codepen.io/_youri/pen/ExyPJVx
  7. For the timeline I have to use addLabel, in order to trigger both animation at the same time ?
  8. I've tried a Pen : https://codepen.io/_youri/pen/wvWMYbG If this is ok, I will need to trigger it while scrolling.
  9. Hi ! I don't understand why my code works ? I thought my right div should be pushed to the center with a positive value instead of x: -1200, like with css positioning ? Also, is it possible to make this stuff responsive ? Always have those 2 divs centered, side by side, in the middle of my page ? thank you for your help. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style type="text/css"> body { height:3000px; } .boxleft { background:url("404.svg"); width:400px; height:400px; position:absolute; top:1500px; left:-400px; } .boxright{ width:400px; height:400px; positio
  10. Hi , I would like to know if GreenSock is able to make a "wave effect" on images as it's done on the background of those websites, when scrolling ? https://experiments.p5aholic.me/ https://www.tplh.net/works/warpdrive/ thank you,