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  1. Thank you for your time! I'll have a crack at building a loop! Strangely removing trigger: "body" didn't do the trick for me... However, I discovered that if I put like random.progress or anything else instead of ST.progress everything stays in place. (but there'll be error message saying random is not defined) What might be the problem?
  2. Hi Zach, I tried to implement this into my own code but it hasn't been working as expected— whenever I resize the window, it just jumps to some random progress value and my other timelines would stop working. I'm also using locomotive scroll, would they be affecting each other? This is my Codepen: https://codepen.io/cocotx/pen/ZEWdMJV I'm not sure what I'm missing here... would really appreciate some help! Thank you.
  3. Perfect! Thank you for the demo, it's solved the problem
  4. Right, that makes sense now. Is there any documentation on how to do that so I could look into it?
  5. Hi Zach, thanks for your response! I mean if you scroll down and then rescale the window viewport width/height of my Codepen you will be able to see that the image will either disappear after resize or it will jump to a smaller size because the start and end positions of my trigger has been shifted. How could I fix that? and how do you mean to combine these? Thanks again!
  6. Hi, so I have created multiple backgrounds which I would like to squeeze and expand as shown in my codepen example. However, trigger position gets messed up everytime I resize the window, the <img> will be gone and the start position is shifted. 1) How do I keep everything as it is even on window resize? 2) And also because I will be making quite a few of these backgrounds and repeating the squeeze and expand for each of them as shown in my Codepen, I'm wondering if there is a more effective way to do it rather than having one timeline for each background? I've noticed some