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  1. I'm trying to use slickslider in collaboration with gsap for all the extra features slick has to offer. What could be best practice to hide all slide elements on non-active slides ? I tried to query them all on line 112 and adding them to the mastertimeline but this seems bad practice and deliveres undesirable results (janky, can't get it fixed with split text, gsap can't find certain items) Slick provides a 'slide-current' class with which i query the active slides and have managed to get the animation part going for just the active slide. I'm struggelig wi
  2. Great reply Zach, thanks! This definetly points me in the right direction!
  3. Hi guys, First post here, to be complete i'll give you some framing. I'm a ux/ui designer hence i don't have a lot of hardcore experience with JS and i struggle with basic structures way too long. I've created quite some independent effects and just read about the gsap.effects method. Doh! I see some great and clear examples here but how to go about with effects that involve scrolltirgger and splittext ? In awe with the amount of great posts here, awesome community!