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  1. So am I correct I'd be exporting the Spine JSON, then parsing that to output new JSON that's in the form you wrote it in that second codepen?
  2. Holy crap dude. How many times have you earned that (Superhero) badge? Something tells me you wrote all this in less than half the time it will take me to read it and figure out how it works lol. This is amazing. Will get back after I wrap my head around your reply. Thanks a ton!
  3. I mean to be honest I don't know if I need them. That's part of the problem I'm far enough out of my element here. The current aim is to make something sort of like this, but less cartoony and including arms and legs etc: and animate them, at least at first, to play an animation when a student gets an answer correct, or another animation if they get the question wrong. Later on, the goal will be to also have the character work in mini math games, and also the students should be able to program the characters similar to Scratch (Scratch characters
  4. How long do you think it would take you to take a file like this and turn it in to your tween commands? https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-runtimes/blob/3.8/spine-ts/canvas/example/assets/spineboy-ess.json I can take your estimate, multiply it by 10 (because it will probably take me at least that long), and see if I can get it done before my 2 year old graduates high school. In particular I am referencing the JSON. Sorry I sort of maybe asked questions twice. I think you were responding while I was expanding on my question.
  5. Conversation with Spine: http://esotericsoftware.com/forum/Questions-Considering-Buying-Spine-14543 I think this is animating multiple characters with more or less the same skeleton and animation: http://esotericsoftware.com/spine-skins#Skin-bones Hoping to do basically the same thing but hopefully with SVG so it's easy for users to assign colors to their animated avatar. I also doubt I can make something look that good manually manipulating bones. I think I need IK etc to help a newb like me. Not sure if you guys have tools to do this, or if the
  6. Hello, Please excuse any stupid questions. I'm a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer building a prototype myself and I have no formal training in this. I am making a web app where users can create a custom avatar. They'll be able to pick from multiple heads, arms, bodies etc, and be able to set colors, positions, and scales. For example they may want their creature to have larger ears angled down like a floppy ear bunny. The skeletons will basically have the same number of joints, but some bones could be moved/scaled. The avatars will need to be animat