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  1. Hi everyone, I'm making a React site but none of the GSAP animations are working after hosting the site. I removed all of the content except for the animation on the hosted site here: https://5f4eefa6fa0bc400076762a5--nifty-varahamihira-46fbda.netlify.app/ As you can see in the console, there are a ton of errors. The GSAP animation is supposed to fill in the name with a color and move it to the top left corner. The animation works fine on my localhost so I'm assuming I messed something up when deploying. Here's my package.json file so you could see I installed GSAP and React-GSAP: https://github.com/MeshanKhosla/Personal-Portfolio/blob/master/package.json. The animation is located here in the useEffect: https://github.com/MeshanKhosla/Personal-Portfolio/blob/master/src/pages/Home.js I saw the post on chrome extensions being the reason, but I don't believe this is the case since the animations don't work in other browsers/devices either. Thank you for any help!