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  1. Thanks @akapowl, I appreciate the effort you've made he! Plus your explanation really helps me understand the rationale
  2. @akapowl I'm just see 2 codepens. In the original post there are 7, and it's the 6th one I'm needing.
  3. Okay that was weird, now I see that it jumped from here
  4. @akapowl Is it possible to reinstate these codepens too? They are more in line with what I'm looking for
  5. Truly appreciate that @akapowl. Forever the superstar! 😎
  6. Hey @akapowl, just wondering where the codepen examples above have gone? Is it possible to either reinstate them or add?
  7. Jase

    Magnetic cursor

    @OSUblake Sorry Blake, I have another question. Is it possible for the ball to interact with the cursor on scroll? At present the cursor has to move before the ball sticks to it.
  8. Jase

    Magnetic cursor

    After your kind help Blake, here's the project in progress. I just need to embed youtube video into the container, then link the button to it https://codepen.io/Jase2018/pen/zYNLQaM
  9. Jase

    Magnetic cursor

    Me neither. I found the example on a random codepen. Thanks very much for your help Blake, this makes so much more sense to me now
  10. Jase

    Magnetic cursor

    haha, good question! Yes I have, but as the area is using negative parameters I'm not sure how to fill the section. The idea is that the section will contain an embedded youtube video, and the round button will be used to play and pause the video. Ultimately I'll need this button to toggle text values of 'play' and 'pause'.
  11. Jase

    Magnetic cursor

    I'm trying to find a way of forming the magnetic area for the circle on this GSAP magnetic cursor. Currently the area is only within the square box with the dotted outline. I want to make the whole grey section the magnetic area. Ideally I want the circle to ‘become’ the cursor when you hover over the section.
  12. @Shehzad Thanks so much for your advice Shehzad. I’ve found that mixing the two isn’t always the best choice, especially with pinning. The layered pinning actually works quite well in my LS container (without using data-scroll-section), but find the rest of the page content can be a little bit choppy. I wasn’t aware of the loco pinning method, are you able to share some info on this?
  13. Thanks very much for all your help on this, I'll experiment with the example :)
  14. Thanks Mikel, I appreciate the example but it’s not what I’m looking for I don’t think. I was hoping that gsap could help make it easy to scroll up and down with interchanging horizontal text direction. In the example I’m having to click a button to change direction.
  15. Really appreciate your efforts but the text is now static when not scrolling horizontally. The text should always be moving slowly in the direction that is dependant on browser scrolling up or down.