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  1. Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. hi everyone When I am playing around with the new feature of Flip, I found that setting absoluteOnLeave to true seems to break onEnter animation As shown in the codepen, it is all good until I uncomment that line(absoluteOnLeave: true) Can anyone give me a hint on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance Also thank you so much to make such powerful tool available to everyone, I really have a lots of fun while playing it!
  3. Really appreciate your helpful and quick reply. My URL contains "localhost", maybe there is other problem which I don't know, but gsap-trial works well for me. Very very thank you!
  4. Hi everyone While playing Flip plugin on Codepen, I found these words in the console : But when I downloaded the file and put a script tag in my html, it doesn't work(I'm using Parcel and a local server). I guess in this way the file doesn't know it's been used in a local environment? I also tried import { Flip } from 'pathToFile' it doesn't work either... What should I do instead? Could anyone give me a hint? Thank you for reading my question:)
  5. @GreenSock @mikel @ZachSaucier Your answers just make my day! Now I know more about this fantastic animation tool! Can't thank you enough
  6. @mikel Thank you so much for the quick reply! The docs answers almost every question of mine @ZachSaucier Thank you Zach!!! Sorry I didn't make my question clear. Sorry, I don't understand your question. Can you try to rephrase what you're asking? gsap.ticker.add(foo); function foo(){ // code } // or function foo(){ // code requestAnimationFrame(foo); } foo();
  7. Hello Everyone! I have some question about gsap.ticker because I'm not very familiar with it. I found it in the codepen above Why the author didn't use normal gsap.to or gsap.set? Is it better to deal with gsap.ticker? Is there another way to achieve the same effect without ticker? If my understanding is correct, is gsap.ticker like some sort of requestAnimationFrame? Is there any different between adding (callback)function in each of them? If I have, for example, 3 different animations on the same page, all of them are base on mouse move, Can I create 3 gsap.tickers?
  8. @ZachSaucier That quickSetter docs and the 'overwright: auto' looks like exactly what I need. I'll check it out and modify my code. Thank you so much for your very helpful answer!
  9. Dear everyone: I would like to drag an element smoothly(have some delay), like description below(I copied it from scrollTrigger's Doc) Soften the link between the animation and the the(typo?) scrollbar the drag movement so that takes a certain amount of time to "catch up", like scrub: 1 would take one second to catch up. when using Draggable plugin, but I don't know if it is possible. (I think Inertia is not the solution because it's about after dragging) The codepen demonstrates what I mean if no one could understand my weird English. Also I would like to know is it a bad thing to call gsap.to in mousemove EventListener ? The event fires so many time in one second, even before one gsap tween can properly finished, Will this cause any issue? I just start learning code a few months before and I can't find the answer anywhere else, thank you for reading my forum until here, and any answer will be very very appreciated!