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  1. @Cassie I'm sorry to hear that! I hope he's okay. As for what I'm stuck on, it's similar to @BenjaminO's issue above - implementing ScrollSmoother properly in Nuxt 3. I found this Codesandbox which I think OSUBlake wrote for Nuxt 2, and was wondering if there maybe was an updated version for Nuxt 3 in a blogpost somewhere. I suppose maybe implementing it the way he's done it, and emitting a global event whenever a new page loads to pop a refresh is the best way to go about it? I tried something similar in Nuxt 2 but experienced scroll freezes for a few seconds after user started scrolling after a page nav (which is why I was so excited about the codesandbox above, but ended up migrating to nuxt 3). Unless you have a better suggestion, I'll just continue migrating my app and see if that works fine I guess
  2. Hey @OSUblake! Did you ever get around to writing a blog post on best practices of using ScrollSmoother (and maybe gsap animations/scrolltriggers at large) in Nuxt projects?