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  1. I am using BarbaJS for creating my Portfolio by using a <ul> for creating a Page-Transition. I have set up GSAP Animations and Many More such as AutotypeJS but they aren't getting fired neither are the CSS is getting applied after the Page transition is done. Once I refresh the page, The Animations gets fired. What could be the possible reason? gsap.from('.btn-blue', { opacity: 0, duration: 0.5, delay: 21, y: 50 }); gsap.from('.anim1', { opacity: 0, y: -100,
  2. Hey @akapowl, Thanks for your help. The issue is fixed now.
  3. Hey Team, I just started using GSAP and It's awesome. But I used this piece of code gsap.from('.btn-blue', { opacity: 0, duration: 0.5, delay: 21, }); gsap.from('.anim1', { opacity: 0, y: -100, duration: 0.5, stagger: 0.5 }) But the issue is, The Button I applied this animation to, Firstly appears on the the Screen and then it Disappears and comes back after the Delay. I want it like, It should not be displayed at its original position at th