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  1. Hey @Cassie Wow thanks a lot for this solution, I missed this parameter when I was reading the documentation That works like a charm 🙌 Cheers
  2. Hey @cassie For my project I need this Scrolltrigger to do some animations and stuffs, but in my Codepen example I simplified the code so it just adds markers I need the markers to be placed at the top and the bottom of the black container. Right now they're floating in the page but not following the black container, because the black container stops scrolling for a moment when its parent get pinned, so the calculation of the top and the bottom are "wrong" I hope this is more clear
  3. Me again, I've found a workaround which works Instead of creating the black container Scrolltrigger at page load, I create it inside the `onLeave` of the pinning Scrolltrigger But I wonder if there is a better solution
  4. Hi GSAP team, First of all, thanks again for your work, I'm trying to achieve a specific effect for a project I have sections which look like tiles. When we scroll, the next tile is pinned under the current one and then scrolls naturally with the page once the "tile" is fully shown. Like if you have a deck of cards in your hand and you remove them one by one by pushing them to the top. But inside one tile, I have another Scrolltrigger (the black container in the Codepen) and its start value is calculated "well" but as the tile is pinned for one moment, the start value becomes wrong and I would like to recalculate it but it looks like Scrolltrigger cannot do that Do you have an idea of how I can manage this use case? I did a Codepen to show my issue, the markers are supposed to stick to the top and the bottom of the black box Bonus question: I don't understand why the last ".content" background is cut? Cheers 🫰
  5. @GreenSock that works like a charm in my case, thanks a lot You guys are insane!
  6. Hi @GreenSock, I'm facing the same issue as @msnl Is there a way to prevent ScrollTrigger from listening to the viewport resizing when scrolling on mobile? Regards