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  1. This helps me greatly Zach! Thank you very much! 😅
  2. After further inspection, I realise it's auto creating an empty invisible <svg> which seems to hold the MotionPathHelper generated path. I'm still open to help of any kind, as I'm yet to solve how to stop the svg from being created upon the creation of the MotionPathHelper, or a better solution to create what I'm trying to achieve.
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like to just start off by saying this GSAP is fantastic and this forum is a wealth of knowledge for an extremely noob "programmer" (I use that term very lightly lol) like myself! I'm trying to have a dragable div, which will auto create a MotionPathHelper onclick of a button. You can see in the pen that after dragging and when the path is created, it seems to add on the distance I've moved the element, previous to creating the path. Is there a simple way to avoid that happening? Forgive me if it's obvious as I'm very new to programming.