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  1. Using @elegantseagulls example with my own setup for showcase purposes. Here's my setup: https://codepen.io/Bumbleboss/pen/GRZPzyq You can see that it logs in console before animation is complete
  2. GSAP applies the animations to elements with the matching query ex. .className. onComplete is triggered per element. Is there something in GSAP for when all elements with the matching query has finished animation?
  3. Thanks, working now! It's as you said, it turned out to be a string mismatch issue.
  4. The elements that has the animations applied to with GSAP isn't working properly. While it does the animation, it doesn't actually do it in sequence, but rather right as soon as it's duration finishes. Here's the code I used let tl = gsap.timeline({ease: 'smooth_ease'}); tl.to('.navList', {duration: 0.6, clipPath: 'inset(0)'}); tl.to('.navList ul li a', {duration: 1, y: 0, stagger: 0.3}); On the other hand, this code works just fine which makes everything confusing for me. let tl = gsap.timeline({ease: 'smooth_ease'}); tl.set('.navList', {clipPath: 'inset(0)'}); tl