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  1. The problem is that it does not work correctly on mobile ... the character does not move at the same speed as on desktop and the scroll does not reach the end. I do not understand what is happening ...
  2. Thank you very very much. You have helped me a lot. I understand the solution.
  3. Sorry to answer earlier. I share with you what I am working on in the next CodePe. The idea is that, when the car passes through the BikeOMatik tunnel, the car becomes a bike (in another image). https://codepen.io/enekodev/pen/powEMZY
  4. Hi there. I am new here and am having trouble trying to get the elements of each of the sections to pin. I would appreciate a little help for a newbie like me. https://codepen.io/enekodev/pen/KKqgOBJ