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  1. I want to share my "first and simple animation" but I'm happy to see the first step. All this thanks to this Forum for showing me the way. Thanks again. (Richard1604, mikel, PointC, )
  2. Yes, sir! Thank you so much for showing me the way. I'm really grateful, by all means I'm reading all the documentation to get a global idea. Thank you very much again Alessandro
  3. Here I am again. (Richard and Mike) Thanks for the super quick response. I've been trying to do some experiments. The first morphology, but I still don't quite understand how it works and I can't get complete control of the object. I don't understand how to start it from the bottom, obviously it must have "total discontrol" 😂😂 The second one was in fact just making a mask, but even in this case I was not super sure of the idea and also I was not able (I still have too many gaps in 48 hours you can't learn, I guess 😂). Now with this example I will try to solve my first
  4. Hi, everybody. I bought this beautiful library 2 days ago, so I'm totally new, and after reading a bit of documentation and a good dose of "depression" 😂 I have a question. I also searched the Forum but I don't know exactly what to look for, so excuse me if I repeat something that already exists. I created a simple rectangle in illustrator. Now I try to animate it from the bottom to the top, keeping its structure. I don't understand if I have to use DrawSVGPlugin or MorphSVGPlugin or neither of these because I'm getting unnecessarily complicated. I've insert