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  1. Great Luis! Can you please send me some sort of portfolio for me to view?
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Abdou and I am aspiring to set up my own company. I have developed a touchless terminal (you can navigate the screen by hovering your finger in front of the display without touching it). Now for my demo I would like to develop an interactive web application that will allow to use drag and drops, swipes, any other cool ways to interact with a touchless screen. Some cool examples I have found are like virtual 3D tours for houses or luxury cars. The demo (template) will consist of a hierarchical navigation like an e-commerce website : - A main menu with different categories (up to 10): The categories can be displayed in circle, like cards, or in a 3D view propose a cool way to select and enter a category: click, swipe + direction, drag-drop, etc. - A category can have multiple sub-categories (up to 10) Same requirements as above but preferably a different layout of the components - A sub-category can have up to 20 items Same requirements as above but preferably a different layout of the components - Each item can be considered a product page with a description - Do not worry about the content (pictures, icons, names of categories, etc.). We will create and populate that. Just need the template. In other words, it would look like a regular e-commerce website except that the disposition of the menus and navigation need to look futuristic/fancy and allow swiping. I can show some video of the product how it actually works. Would be great to have an estimate. Thanks in advance for your interest.