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  1. No i mean Gsap should another plugin or feature for smooth scroll it will clear more hassle, cause right now smooth scroll need special attention for bug free animation also third party messing up with pin and lots of secton, div position
  2. Please add asap cause animation is not enough we need to create momentum
  3. @mikel thank you it's worked i was going other way thank you so much
  4. Sorry for that, i have made three timeline which is control on scrollTrigger to look like silde but they are just animating on scroll how to hide and show slide scrolling one by one?? I Don't have a pro level js knowledge but i love animation so GSAP really attract me now know i'm stuck. Please forgive me if i forget any rule i'm new in this form.
  5. https://codepen.io/SunilGamal/pen/PoNWVYg I tired this way but cant hide previous timeline when scrolling
  6. https://codepen.io/SunilGamal/pen/PoNWVYg If scrub is on i cant do animation on scroll and if not all slide will play when it hit top marker cant do it on scroll
  7. First of all thank you @ZachSaucier i thought nobody gonna reply me This Fast, I have complete certain progress but that was completely different just used timeline and ScrollTrigger then scrub. Now this time i want achieve similar like gif i have posted here , i dont where to start, i know split text plugin but sadly that was for club member only and i know i split Text just for character animation but how to do main scroll.
  8. https://www.genesisblockchain.io/#financ_serv Help needed!!! I trying to achieve section slider with text and image animation using ScrollTrigger and timeline but Its kind a like frustrating its been 5 day Help