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  1. Thank you very much @mikel! It really helped a lot!
  2. Thank you very much for the replies and advices! The "Just Do It......" example showed me well on how to make objects appear and disappear. However, although I may sound very clamorous, as I implemented the code, I felt that the disappearing motion, after the appearing motion, came a little too instantaneous. I prefer there being some time lag between the appearing and the disappearing of the svg. And to be much more demanding, I figured that I may want the svg to scale larger as it is gradually disappearing. I am sorry it may be a turn down of the options @mikel provided me, but is it possible to create a time lag between appearing and disappearing of a single svg, and also add certain things particularly on either of the motion? Sincerely,
  3. Hello, I am having a problem in making motions with Scroll Trigger. I am trying to make an SVG appear when triggered, and disappear after a few scrolls. I tried making two separate timelines for each motion, which did not work at all... ,and I have also tried using .reverse( ) or .fromTo( ) with no avail. Would any of you guys teach me how to make my SVG appear and later on disappear using the scroll trigger? To get the precise image of what motion I am trying to make: I want this appearing and disappearing to be triggered through scrolling. I am sorry, I cannot provide a codepen of my project (as I do not have the pro to upload the svg assets), instead I will clip a video of what I my current circumstance. I am trying to make the forest kinda thing sink out of the view after another stroke of scrolls. Please help me out here. Sincerely,