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  1. Yes! that's what I am looking for (the 2nd ones) Thanks so much. 😃
  2. Hey Zach, here is the more specific pen. Here you can find 02 sections. The 2nd section is pinned where two lines get animate once the section got pinned. I want the 2nd line element animation to be done When I use my mouse scroll instead of doing automatically right after 1st line animation. https://codepen.io/mustafeez121/pen/vYKrjPP
  3. Okay then should I share another pen here with more specific code or start a new thread?
  4. Hey, I actually tried and still trying to achieve something like to pin a section and within that pin sectioned elements to get animated right after other which can be achieved by timeline BUT the problem is that I want to controll the animation with scroll trigger, like first element within pinned section animate automatically But the 2nd element should be animate when I scroll down my mouse wheel instead of starts automatically right after completion of first element animation. You can see here what I actually trying to achieve https://appshah.com
  5. Hi, Can we control timelined animation with scroll trigger? Like animations in timeline starts right after the first ones get completed Automatically, what If we start the 2nd animation of timelined element with scroll instead of start auto right after first ones get completed?
  6. Hi, I am actually trying to achieve pin one of the sections and within that pinned section the elements get animate-in and out on scroll but without scrubbing. The section is Purple. Here's the demo which I am trying to achieve https://appshah.com
  7. @mikel hey, I am pretty new to GSAP, I need to ask you that is it possible to adding fade-in and fade-out effect while jumping to divs on scrolling?
  8. I am trying to animate an object from mid screen to slide up out of screen and at same time animate other object into mid screen from slide bottom. Similar to any vertical slider. This is the reference: https://appshah.com