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  1. Hi, just to be settled, I solved the problem by applying the will-change: transform property to the image. Thanks.
  2. Here I found the real problem, is the % in the duration of the scroll. I don't know now how to replace it but later I will see. If you have any idea it will be great. Thanks. // Cards Parallax var tl_parallax = new TimelineLite() .from( card.querySelector('.member-card-img'), 1, {x: (oddFlag%2? "5%":"-5%"), ease: Linear.easeOut}, 0); // Cards Parallax Scene var sceneCardsParallax = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: card, duration: "70%", tweenChanges: true }) .setTween( tl_parallax )
  3. I just found it, the parallax effect with gsap is what brings the problem. I will try to fix it. Thank you!
  4. Hey, thank you very much, now I see that this is the problem, but what happens is that the transform rule comes from a js that uses gsap (I didn't even do it because it uses old js methods). Here in codepen you can see the js, I tried to load the cdn but for some reason they are wrong and I cannot reproduce the animation. Thank you anyway. https://codepen.io/florencia-lapetina/pen/YzqqKzW
  5. Hey, I'm having the same problem, I try to change x: and y: to xPercent: and y: Percent but it's the same, when you hover the image in scaling effect it behavior jittery. No codepen but you can see the problem on live website. https://moka.tv/about.html