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  1. Thank. I think I understand what you mean. But I don't understand why such an error does not occur on the event onEnter ???
  2. I can resolve this problem like this ( onEnterBack: () => {); locoScroll.off("scroll", ScrollTrigger.update); locoScroll.scrollTo('.some_element', 0, 700); locoScroll.on("scroll", ScrollTrigger.update); } ) but I think than but I think that this no right (it's a crutch) I use gsap v - 3.4.2
  3. Help! I need scroll to 'some_element' when i leave some-section. For this I used event onLeaveBack. ( onLeaveBack: () => locoScroll.scrollTo('.some_element') , ) and I get this error ( ScrollTrigger.js:453 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'update' of undefined at _updateAll (ScrollTrigger.js:453) at eval (locomotive-scroll.esm.js:401) at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at _default.checkEvent (locomotive-scroll.esm.js:398) at _default.dispatchScroll (locomotive-scroll.esm.js:356) at _default.checkScroll (locomotive-scroll.esm