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  1. hmm, it seems to me that it does not like what I am initializing the useRef hook with.
  2. Hi as I have mentioned above, that does not work. It returns this Error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, After watching the video it explained exactly the error that is happening to me. I have added the `.saveStyles()` method but still have the same error. is it possible that I have the wrong syntax? I have tried: here is my updated https://codesandbox.io/s/strange-firefly-5mtce?file=/src/App.js ScrollTrigger.saveStyles("maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current") and ScrollTrigger.saveStyles([maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current])
  4. Hello, I have made replica of my code to show the issue that I am having. https://codesandbox.io/s/strange-firefly-5mtce?file=/src/App.js Do not mind the mask not being in the center for that is not the problem.. When resizing the window from desktop TO mobile, the `<a>TESTING</a>` does not appear. when i inspect it with the dev tools it shows `opacity: 0;` I am trying to disable all scrollTriggers and timelines when mobile. Any help would be gladly appreciated. THANKS
  5. Hey actually i've noticed something, when I am scrolling back and forth the scale: 4 actually lags the scrolling.. What can i do to fix this? thx.
  6. I created something that i am satisfied with using a clipPath. Thanks for the advice. https://codepen.io/Aereli/pen/mdPJZxy Dunno if it can get any smoother or if my practices were best. Let me know if not I guess you can close this. ✊
  7. Ok thanks, but how about the transition of text to full video?
  8. wow, thanks for the fast reply. I imagine the entire text to zoom out until the entire vid is width and height 100% basically exactly how you described. How would I got about this?
  9. Hello Gsappers, How could I transition the mask to be smoother from text, to content-box. It is also not transitioning back to original form. I’m not sure if this is the best method in doing this so I am open to other ways. This code was transferred from a React.js project onto the codepen link provided.