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  1. not expecting you to build it for me, I was looking for some advice on how to make it happen. but I'll figure it out. thank you anyway
  2. Sorry for not explaining well. I am building a banner animation (school project). It starts with some letters moving, then one is falling down and the user can drag it back on. What I then would want to happen (onDragEnd) is the screen filling with flowers (SVG). I now achieved doing a kind of snowfall but with flowers but that is not exactly what I was going for 😕
  3. Hello! I would like to do an animation where flowers kind of randomly pop out (/appear) filling the screen. I have no clue how that would be possible with gsap. Does someone have an idea? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello! I am new to GSAP and I am having a bit of troubles with the following task: I am trying to animate some letters "hanging" , I want them to swing from one side to the other but in a quite natural looking way (like moved from the wind? possible?), and when the animation stops to go back to the initial position (center). What I have achieved is looking very bad (sorry, again I am new to this) Can someone maybe help me? Thanks in advance <3