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  1. Thanks @OSUblake - exactly what I was looking for. I added a data-attribute to disable backwards scrubbing so now I can switch between the options. A lot to learn!
  2. I am looking to use ScrollTrigger with the scrub option to control a GSAP timeline, but only updating the progress of the timeline/tweens when going forward in a position that has to be progressed. I did take a look at this post that says to use the onUpdate callback event to update the progress, but for some reason it's not working with how I set up the animation. When I scroll down half way through the animation and start scrolling back up, the progress reverses. From the codepen, I added gsap data-attribute options at the timeline and tween levels (timeline for the component, tween for the individual elements within the component so that I can provide different options, such as "position" to create the stagger effect). I've added the callback within the GSAP Timeline.scrollTrigger object.