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  1. Hi there guys, I am very confused. I have a design with lots of lines(roads) which are connected to sections through out the page like on the image on this image given below. Am i able to add those like exactly on the picture with help of gsap and animate the truck on them while scrolling ?
  2. Hi there. As you can see on my Codepen. I wanted to pin all of my sections but without having pinSpacing. but unfortunately the spacing gets broken and makes it worst. Can you please help.
  3. Thanks. Will figure a way out.
  4. I see. but the annually package is too expensive. I could get one but i am not sure if my client will like the design, need to show them first. Is there any way to use it other than in codepen ?
  5. @mikel @ZachSaucier Draw svg, I cannot use it for free ? I checked on the site and it was very expensive.
  6. Thanks a lot @mikel I was able to use sketch and make the design out of it and animate it. I got an issue with loading the animation. Like on the codepen here below. The first circle load perfectly with its text but the remaining circle text and numbers loads up only at the last. How can i make the animation happen for text and circle and the number on the same time ? Also any suggestions on responsive ? https://codepen.io/umanga/pen/MWybOXd
  7. Wow! Thanks a bunch @mikel This is really great. I am really loving Gsap and learning a lot from you guys. Great community! and last thing, is there a easy way to sketch those lines and circle location ?
  8. This is great, Thanks a lot but by any means can we remove the previous and the next and add the text on top of the dots also control it within the scroll ?
  9. Hi there, I have a website, where i have used gsap animation over the page. I am now adding a new section which will have horizontal timeline. I want to add animation on it. I was just wondering if there is any easy way with gsap so that i can connect the circle with diagonal line from 1-2 and 2-3 and 3-4 and so on with the animation pinning the screen.
  10. Thanks, that was what i was looking for but unfortunately the height of the animation stays keeping a huge height between the section. How do we get that to normal ?
  11. Hi, I am very new to this amazing animation platform. I am having an issue which i have not been able to solve. As you can see on my codepen link, the animation when scrolling to the top, The content disappears with the similar animation. I don't feel that would be a great showcase to show it to my client. Can you please help ?