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  1. Thank you @GreenSock & @ZachSaucier now warning are disappeared i was using the above code
  2. Yes but i also want to reduce Request so i'm not able to do separate file i need other alternative solution
  3. Yes .top class only on HOME page. These error came from about us page ABout us page doesn't have .top element GSAP code in script.js that file will include all pages so how can i remove these error from about us page? NOTE: I Need Animation only HOME Page
  4. I have some animation on my home page when i check homepage console log that was clear if i move other pages GSAP say's missing these element how to remove that erros. Please see the attachments
  5. I want to add this Tweenlite code when my trigger reach the start point. ( I was Using ScrollTrigger ) TweenLite.to("#one", 1, { // ease: Power4.easeInOut, ease: Linear.easeNone, css: {"opacity": "1", "z-index": "99" } }); gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger:{ trigger:".one", toggleClass:"active", start:"top 80px", end : "bottom top", scrub:true, pin:false, markers:true,} });
  6. I want to fill css color when user scroll. It's like step by step process 1st time scroll 1st icon need to be blue, 2nd time scroll 2nd icon also need to be blue please give me some tips to make this type of animation please
  7. Hi i want to make exact animation for testimonial section from this website (https://appinventiv.com/) at the end you will find testimonial section Please provide complete step by step tutorial i was noob to GSAP please help me