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  1. @Visual-Q This is the site url https://brave-poitras-97d8a6.netlify.app https://brave-poitras-97d8a6.netlify.app/buyers https://brave-poitras-97d8a6.netlify.app/sellers And the hook useScroll() has the following code import gsap from "gsap"; import { ScrollTrigger } from "gsap/dist/ScrollTrigger"; function useScroll() { if (typeof window !== `undefined`) { gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); } } export default useScroll;
  2. Hi Devs, I don't know what's wrong in my code , the animations are super slow in firefox and sometimes in chrome as well. I have two issues Translating animations are super slow in firefox and sometimes in chrome Text animations are flickering on scroll I use SVG as react components Can u guys please help me improve my code. Im using NextJs and GSAP3. Thanks. let timeline = gsap.timeline({ delay: tableAndAbove ? 0.5 : 0, scrollTrigger: !tableAndAbove && { trigger: "#sellersLandingMobileContainer", start: "
  3. Hello devs , i'm trying to implement smooth scroll and scrollTrigger pinning on same view port. As the smooth scroll works by disabling scroll and translating -Y , pinned div also translates instead of pinning. Reference : https://codepen.io/wooooosky/pen/LQNZgv Can anyone give me a solution , would be helpful. Thanks in advance.