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  1. I am trying to achieve an effect where a section with a background image scrolls in. The background image should pin, and the content of the next few sections should scroll over it. The last of these sections should unpin the background and scroll out. I wrapped the sections I want to scroll inside a div, but when it pins, none of the content inside the div will scroll. Is there a better way to approach this?
  2. Thanks! I was able to figure out a solution. https://codepen.io/Stickguy/pen/zYBryjq
  3. I have a series of divs that I am pinning to the top of the screen with Scrolltrigger. I have a title that scrolls on with one of the sections that I would like to pin in place so that it stays in place over the next few divs that scroll in. I have that setup but when the next div scrolls in it is still getting covered regardless of the z-index. Is there a way to ensure that the pinned title will stay on top of the divs that follow it?
  4. New to GSAP. I have been trying to learn more about ScrollTriggers and I'm running into a weird issue with toggleActions. My goal is for the animation to restart when it enters the viewport then pause when it leaves, restart when scrolled back into view, and finally pause when it leaves again (scrolled all the way back). I've tried several different toggleActions and I think I have the correct settings. Am I missing something or setting something up wrong? toggleActions: "restart pause restart pause"