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  1. Hello everyone, 

    I searched the forum and could not find it. Can I use these methods useRAF() and lagSmoothing() on a gsap object.

    I saw use-cases on tweens and timelines that developers use useRAF() and lagSmoothing(),but i need on gasp object.

    I am new to GSAP animations, any help is appreciated.

    The problem is next:

    When i switch tab my animation stops, and i don't want that. I want to run without drop of frames in that tab.

    I have created my animation over gsap object like this : 


    this.spinAnimation = gsap.to(".spinner", {
        rotation: "+=" + this.animationSettings.normalVelocity * 1000
        duration: 1000,
        repeat: -1,
        ease: "none",

    Hello to all of you greensockers...

    I need help,i am new to the world of Greensock.

    So, I need all these functionalities that I currently have. But  I need to start the wheel from a certain number and stop it at a certain number? And not from the certain time point,as it is now. 


    See the Pen Bajgabg by GojkoV (@GojkoV) on CodePen