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  1. Thanks all for the resources. I don't have a good understanding of SVG. So, I guess I have to learn SVG properly first before I attempt to do the animation.
  2. Hemanta


    Thanks @ZachSaucier & @PointC. Clear now.
  3. Thanks Richard. Will take a look.
  4. Hey folks, If you go to the following website and click on the menu, then you will see that the menu is revealed with a nice curve effect. https://dddhotel.jp/en/ Can this curve effect be achieved using GSAP? If yes, then can you help me with a demo? Thanks, Hemanta
  5. Hemanta


    @PointC Hi Craig. Your solution works great. Thanks a ton. I have one more question. I am not able to understand the following line of code. gsap.to({}, { duration: 2.5, onComplete: slideIt }); My question is: Why is there an empty object as the first argument? What purpose does it solve? Hemanta
  6. Hemanta


    Hey Greensockers, I am not able to achieve the desired effect with my carousel. Need help. WHAT I WANT? After slide-04 slides out of the view from the box container, I want slide-01 to slide in from the left, and then slide-02 and so on. And the whole animation should run seamlessly forever. Thanks, Hemanta
  7. What I like the most about GreenSock is the ability to produce cool animations using just a few lines of code.
  8. Thanks Craig. Appending two clones solved the issue.
  9. Hey Folks, I have run into a problem while creating a news ticker. The problem is as follows: > When the text "Bad News 8" moves into the box from the right hand side, there is a gap of few seconds before the unordered list gets appended. This issue does not appear in the attached codepen. But when you make the pen full screen (or when you test the same in localhost in your computer), you will see the gap. How can I fix this issue? Thanks. Hemanta
  10. Hi Carl, Yes, I am a student of yours. I went through the lesson: tweening function based values. Things are clear now. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi Richard, Thanks for your reply. My specific questions were as follows: 1. What are target and targets? What is the difference between them? 2. What is the result of targets.length? 3. Why is target included as a parameter when we haven't used it in the function body?
  12. Hey Folks, I was going through a codepen demo (layered pinning from bottom) from gsap. I understood the code except the following snippet. gsap.set(".panel", {zIndex: (i, target, targets) => targets.length - i}); The z-index property is set to a function. Can somebody explain me the function in detail? Thanks a lot. Hemanta
  13. Hi Zach, Thanks for your reply. I actually want the CSS class called 'change' to be toggled when I click on the button. If you see my codepen link, there is a class called 'change' with the following properties and values. .change { border: .2rem solid black; } Hope my question is clear. Will wait for your reply.