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  1. Thanks Zach for your response. Working link should be at - https://repl.it/@eest/GSAP-and-Barba-Rules I was wondering whether the problem was with how I was using a GSAP animation. Barba seems to be running ok and the animation is initialising but not showing. It may be a Barba problem in which case it isn't appropriate for the forum. Thanks again Zach.
  2. https://repl.it/join/wxtqbzvv-eest Hi there. I've run into some trouble implementing Barba JS. The prototype I am working on incorporates BarbaJS for page transitions and Isotope for gallery filtering (which isn't relevant for this query). In the prototype, if you click on 'project' the page transitions from 'home' to 'project' with a swipe. The functionality I would like to implement is that when you close that green project page it swipes the green away to reveal the home page (basically the reverse of the entry tranistion). At the moment, the function to animate that swipe is initiated but the transition doesn't actually occur - the green page just closes. The approach I have taken is to use BarbaJS Rules to designate particular functions on certain events. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated. Of course if a response to another post addresses my query please feel free to point me there. Thanks again.