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    Tweenmax free or paid

    Thank you very much for your answer. I was almost sure of your answer. Tweenmax is a really great tool. It's super cool like animation Mikel. Best regards.
  2. Hello everyone. Sorry for my English. I'm beginer in HTML CSS JS and greensock, a friend ask me to create a small website (one page) for little pizza shop (one employed (just my friend)), the website is just informative, no online pay, of course i mentioned greensock on website. I use the perfect tweenmax on this website And I have a question, i know this question are already asked, but the answer is not clear for me. I answered the form "Not sure which membership to choose? Click here for help." but i don't know if tweenmax is a special animation. If i use tweenmax for this web site, do we have to pay for a license? I think no, but I'm not sure. Best regards.