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  1. Thank you for the help @mikel and @OSUblake , I appreciate it!
  2. Moreover I had tried to modify the frequency of a wave, so I have added a simple range slider to html page and a simple Event Listener: const range = document.querySelector('.range') range.addEventListener('input', handleSlider) let frequency = 50; function handleSlider (e) { frequency = e.target.value console.log("frequency is "+ frequency); } but it seems the frequency new value does not get binded with gsap.to()/progress(), I couldn't find an example on the web, probably I'm missing something 😕 , Is there a special way to this in GSAP3 ? Thank you!
  3. Thank you for the example and those explanations guys :)) you rock! 🙂
  4. hey guys, I'm new to GreekSock yesterday I joined the GreenSock club (ShockinglyGreen 😆) I have stumbled upon Blake nicely written example of a wave: https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/yakOjY 1. Can somebody please explain me what is the meaning of the getRatio function? and the progress(norm * frequency)? By the way since I'm using GSAP3, the code breaks. any suggestion how to fix this? 2. Moreover I was wondering what is a good practice to animate a given function, such as: Cos^3(x), I know i can use the customeEase, but I'd like to animate some other interesting mathematical more complex waves. Thank you all for the help!