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  1. oh , so close. absolutely smashing how good gsap and you guys performing at this ❤️ thanks for the fast answer!
  2. Hey guys, helpless me again I´ve made this codepen to abstract my problem, which solves my initial problem of disabling multiple gsap-instances when switched to some other scroll reference. very useful! Now I´m facing quite the same issue as described above, but by using asscroll library. In the example it´s not refreshing the gsap params if you open the overlay by clicking one of these boxes. https://codepen.io/rkxn/pen/yLJKBpw Can you please check if this is the right way to implement scrollerProxy? stay safe, Best, Richard
  3. Okay, I stumbled upon this, but totally overlooked that... especially the pen in that reference, which is well explaining the solution Thanks Zach!
  4. Hello again guys ✌️ I´m right into the ‘basic‘ ScrollTrigger thing for quite a while now. Since I´ve upgraded myself with ShockinglyGreen, so things getting even greater with the MorphSVGPlugin, which progress of transformation can be controlled with ScrollTrigger. The Results are impressive. After playing around with this while interacting with svg elements directly in the DOM, I slightly get disturbed by the fps drops this can cause with other animations or if you get your page in bigger screen dimensions or resolutions (4K / Retina). I stumbled upon a gre
  5. Hey Community, Hey Zach✌️ thanks for having this great forums for this excellent piece of software. This is my first post here. I´ve been using GSAP for quite a while now - getting more and more stunned about the newest features and the flexibility of scroll trigger and the quasi-replacement of ScrollMagic (Thanks for the good times). So I stumbled upon this thread these days on the search for a solution to snap only to the next/previous panel and blur out the momentum scroll (macOS trackpads). The latest solutions posted in this thread is nearly there and very helpful, but i