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  1. Hey Jack. I took your advice and made a stripped down version and was able to solve my issue! https://codepen.io/bws_dan/pen/zYrQXYP I apologize for not seeing the issue was with my logic. I thought it was something due to the Draggable plugin. You're feedback and help along the way is much appreciated and helped me wrap this part of my project up. If I come across a similar issue I'll try a smaller scale test before adding another thread. Thanks again!
  2. Hi All, I created a JS class that uses the Draggable plugin. Once I added a second slider to the codepen, it will only drag on the first slider. I checked the documentation and gave each one an id just to be sure. The strange part about it's when I try to drag the second slider. It moves the first one instead the the second. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong when creating my Draggable.create() on line 214?
  3. Hi Jack, Stoping the global timeline makes may more sense than an empty one. And sure I totally understand only helping debugging GSAP related items. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Hi All, My question is when the slider is mid drag and you press one of the next or previous buttons. The slider jerks for a second if the drag isn't completed. I think this is due to: gsap.killTweensOf(slider); Is there a better way to strop the current drag and switch it to a different tween on click of the next and previous arrows?
  5. dkolb5

    Draggable Slider

    Hi Jack, That was exactly what I was looking for! I also really appreciate your notes and explanation of them. Thank you!
  6. dkolb5

    Draggable Slider

    Hi All, I'm having two issues with my current pen: • The draggable bounds don't seem to be working correctly. I'd like them to stop at the min and max. I've tried them as a query-able element or as an object (maxX, minX). • My proxy element is moving and affecting the drag space when it moves. Here's the pen I've been trying to emulate in gsap 3. This one is written in gsap 2: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/JawEyN